The RC3 SUPER drill is a unique drill with 8-inch drill stem, capable of drilling diameter 12 inch to 20-inch residential, irrigation or dewatering wells with the standard package. Like all our drills, it can be operated in direct circulation mode or reverse circulation mode by adding the optional direct circulation package. It is also capable of drilling with 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch drill stem.  It is designed to drill with an 8-inch drill stem to a depth of 200 ft. in alluvial materials. The drill sports a 20-ft. mast with hydraulic pull and extraction as well as a hydraulic powered sand line. The 4-inch drill stem package enables the drill to penetrate 6-inch by 9-inch gravel and bring it to the surface from full depth. That is something no other drill in this price range can do. The electric start drill engine is 20 horsepower or can be upgraded to a 30-horsepower engine. The RC3 comes with a 18 cfm air compressor and connection for an optional 180 cfm auxiliary air compressor and de-coupling tools. This rig is perfect for professional drillers, citizens, farmers, and dewatering contractors, as well as overseas export. It comes with its own highway towing rated trailer, air pump and engine and our rugged top head drive. With 100 ft. of 4 inch PVC drill stem the rig is priced at $32,995. Ratings and standard equipment This tough drill is built on a 20-ft. highway transportable trailer. It comes standard with enough horsepower to turn a 20-inch reverse flow bit in a gravel filled environment. The drill sports a pressure / flow control system to assist in drilling most difficult alluvial soils and soft rock. The drill bit is interchangeable and can be tripped out with both soft clay/alluvial sand and gravel bits. We are confined to rating our equipment by its proven drill depth with its theoretical abilities. It is designed for drilling in excess of 200-ft. depth. However, the lifting capacity of the winch indicates it will drill much deeper. The drill comes with its own 18 CFM gas powered compressor, 20 GPM hydraulic system, 20 ft. mast to handle 15 ft. long PVC drill stem, a drill area 15-ft enclosed mast for discharge, pipe slips and breakout system for the pin connected drill stem. It has 3 heavy duty sidewinder jacks and a fully functional control panel with hydraulic controls and electrical engine starting system. A powerful hydraulic cylinder raises the mast. The top head drive, sand line and pull down are all fully hydraulic. Optional equipment includes: Swap standard engines for Honda engines, 900 dollars each when available in comparable size.   Swap engines for air cooled diesel engines by Kohler, 1200 dollars each when available in comparable size.   All of the drill stem sizes are available for this rig. Contact us for pricing.   Direct circulation equipment and down the hole hammer kits are available. Contact us for pricing.

This rig will require the use of a 100 CFM air compressor when drilling with 8-inch drill stem. Compressors are available on request for an additional charge.

A 23-ft. mast option is available. Contact us for pricing.    Please ask about our portable mud pit option.  Delivery options You may pick up this drill at our shop/barn in Georgetown, Texas.   You may arrange for us to load on a commercial carrier.   We will deliver your machine to you for 1 dollar per traveled mile plus 100 dollars per night for motel expense for trips more than 600 miles from Georgetown, Texas.    Delivery is free within 60 miles of Georgetown, Texas.

 Compare the RC3 drill and then buy We are confident that once you see the advantages of the RC3 drill over every other drill, you will purchase our rig. Keep in mind that our drills can drill in direct circulation mode when supplied with a direct circulation kit. The advantage of our drills is that they will also drill in reverse circulation mode.    Our drills are based upon our reverse flow drilling patent. That patent makes us the only drill rig manufacturer that is capable of building drills, in this price range, that will drill large diameter wells and remove from those wells gravel and stone as large as 6 inches by 9 inches. Our drills are the only drills on the market that can be set up to drill with direct circulation tools, augers, down the hole hammers or reverse flow drilling equipment. That means that when the other drillers are forced to leave an unsuccessful borehole behind, because of having the wrong equipment, or drills can still be drilling. And because our drills can use any drilling platform, you are less likely to be unable to reach the pay-zone. We are the only drill manufacturer that can use our versatile, patented equipment to ensure that you have the greatest chance of finding good fresh water.
Compare our prices with any other drill manufacturer's prices and you will find we are not only the best, our prices are the most competitive.  Order your drill today.  This is a patented device This device contains patented components and systems. Each drill comes with a non-exclusive license for the area in which the drill will be used. The license is good for the number of wells you intend to drill each year with your purchased machine. The license applies to each single purchased drill only and is for any number of wells you choose to drill. The license can be transferred. You must request a license for the number of wells you intend on drilling each year. You are invited to apply for an exclusive license for your area for up to 10,000 square miles for a negotiated sum. In that case you would be the only driller in that area to be entitled to use this patented device.  

Call  512 -293-3989 and order your RC3 SUPERDRILL today.