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This drill is rated at 6.5 horsepower (though it will out-perform drills 3 times this horsepower) and is equipped with a 11 GPM hydraulic pump and matching hydraulic motor. The mast is 9 ft tall with an electric powered lift rated to pull 200 ft of 4 inch PVC drill stem. The drill motor is geared with double 40 chain and sprocket for maximum strength. The system is fully enclosed on the sides and back and opened to allow full discharge on the front of the rig. The frame is literally a  tough log splitter frame and is designed to be pulled with a 2 inch ball connection. The hydraulic tank holds 5 gallons and has a micro filter on the pump return. You can watch a video of one of the early models of this device below.

The cost for the standard drill is $8,576 plus taxes. Delivery is extra.  

Ratings and standard equipment.

This hardy drill is calculated to be capable of drilling a 14 inch diameter well to a depth of 200 ft.  This is a new invention and therefore we are confined to rating our equipment by its proven drill depth combined with it theoretical abilities. 

Logically speaking this drill should be able to drill more than 200 ft deep. 

Using the standard 4 inch PVC drill stem we have drilled gravel 2 7/8 x 5 inches and discharged it into the mud pit. . The drill comes equipped with an 18 CFM air pump and 3 way valve. 

The machine has a modified log splitter type frame, 6.5 HP motor, 15 Gpm hydraulic motor, enclosed chain reduction, 120 volt electric winch 1500 pound drill lift, flange bearings, 8 x 10 lb wide flange beam mast, 120 ft of air hose, 3 each 1500 pound jacks, 1/2 inch hydraulic hoses and valve, manual mast lift, 100 ft of 4 inch schedule 40 pre drilled and coupled drill stem, your choice of drill bits from 8 inch to 14 inch in diameter, and 1 pipe de-coupler.

Optional equipment

Optional equipment includes:

Swap standard gas engines for Honda brand , 500 dollars each. 

Hydraulic boom lift , 424 dollars

Mount on 4' x 7' trailer rather than splitter frame, 900 dollars

Variable speed hydraulic adjustment, 

250 dollars.

Skid mount for pickup and delete splitter frame, 800 dollars. 

Tractor mount or skid steer mount, deduct 1000 dollars. 

Additional Winch for sand line, 400 dollars.

Electric pull down using existing winch, 100 dollars.

Hydraulic 3000 lb. pull down and lift with continuous variable pressure, $1500.  


You may pick up this drill at our barn in Georgetown, Texas any time. We have a forklift available to load. 

Or you may make trucking arraignments

We will deliver your machine to you for 1.00 dollar per traveled mile, plus any motel fee for long haul. Payment for delivery will be in advance with the understanding that a 100 dollar motel fee will apply per 600 miles of travel. 

Compare the RC1 splitter drill then buy

I strongly suggest that before you buy this rig you compare it too other drill videos online. Go to watch each drill video you find. Make a list and check the price for the drill.  The RC1 - splitter drill is a little over half the price of other drills that will not do what this drill will do. For example look at the videos and claims of the other companies. Their drills will not and can not ever, drill holes and remove the cuttings from those holes the way a reverse flow drill can. None of the lower end drills can drill a 14 inch hole and remove 5 inch gravel from the hole. The RC1 will drill 14 inches and remove 3x5 gravel.

Look at the videos on YouTube  and compare them to this drill. You will find that they can only move a couple hundred gallons per minute up their borehole and that is not enough to remove big gravel. So what happens when they hit big gravel? They go home. If they say they can remove 5 inch gravel, ask for proof. All the other rigs can do is mud up the borehole  and if they do that, they could fracture the aquifer or stop it up. Compare the discharge from their drill to the discharge from this drill and you will find that there is noting, even at twice the price, that can do what this little rugged drill can do.

After you view their videos, check their prices. My price for this drill is just half the cost of a Boremaster that is listed on EBay for $17,464.00. The Boremster is a well made direct circulation rig. It just cannot do what the RC1 drill will do.

This is a patented device

This device contains patented components and systems. Each drill comes with a license for the area in which the drill will be used. The license is good for the number of wells you intend to drill each year with your purchased machine. The license applies to this drill only and is for any number of wells you choose to drill. The license can be transferred. You must request a license for the number of wells you intend on drilling each year.

A person may negotiate for an exclusive license for up to a 10,000 square mile area,