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The most pressing problem in the developing and developed world is the outrageous cost of supplying fresh irrigation and drinking water to an ever growing population. There are several reasons the costs are outrageous. First, until now, there has never been a method of drilling irrigation and drinking water wells that is cost effective. Secondly, until now, there has never been a method of drilling the highest quality well that would be available to all people of the world. Thirdly, until now, there has never been access to a drilling system that can be scaled for self-use by hand or by any size machine. 

The inventions outlined here comprise a method of drilling cost effective wells with the highest quality borehole that can be installed by hand, trailer mounted rig, truck mounted rig or crane mounted rig.
There are 640 million people in developing countries that lack clean water. Add to that the fact that as many as 50 percent of the wells in some areas are failing due to poorly designed drilling tools and one can understand why the world is ready for the innovative tools at

Trailer, Crane or Truck Mounted

In addition to our low cost hand drilling tools we offer trailer mounted drills, truck mounted drills or if you like heavy duty, we can mount one of our drills on your crane or backhoe. 

Our goal is to manufacture drilling equipment that will do the job you need accomplished. And our new drilling system will install the best quality well at the lowest cost to you.

Until our invention, nearly all drilling rigs offered only one method of installing wells in alluvial soil. That method was the direct circulation method. Direct circulation drilling is fine if you and your customer are not worried about cost or the quality of the wells you deliver. However, if you value quality and price, our innovative rigs are the only tools in the market that can provide the highest quality and lowest price. 

See the price of our hand operated, hydraulically powered, gasoline powered and diesel powered rigs on this site. We are the owners of this patented technology, so check out the differences in our equipment and the competition before you buy. We are the only drill manufacturer that can provide you the ability to drill reverse flow, direct circulation, DTH, air, and air lift reverse flow drilling with a single rig. That means you have the ability to drill any formation with a single rig.