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Multiple Inventions and Innovations

Our Inventions and Innovations solve the problems you didn't even know could be solved. Here we are drilling wells up to 20 inches in diameter near the Mexican border and El Paso Texas. 

 We are drilling through rocks up to 9 inches by 5 inches. No other drill in this size class can do that. 

Please see our hand operated drilling tools that are under our patent and are the most efficient means of hand drilling wells. They have been used in India, Africa, America, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and many other locations. 

Better Quality, Lower Price --BOOM

There is only ONE BEST WAY to drill unconsolidated materials. Every other method is inferior, often leading to early failure. Nearly 50 percent of wells in some developing countries have failed.  The photo at the right shows two large stones that we brought up with our drill. No other drill this size can do this.

When the Best is the Cheapest?

What do you do when the new INVENTION is the best way and the cheapest way?


This is our smallest hydraulic drill. It has hydraulic top drive, electric pull down and lift, mini trailer, twin jacks and pipe de-coupler. It also comes with a 12 inch combo bit, 100 ft. of 4 inch standard drill stem all for less than 8600.00 dollars. This little powerhouse will drill a 14 inch diameter well 100 ft. deep. 


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This new invention is so simple and easy to use that those needing water can easily learn to drill and set up their own businesses furnishing water for their neighbors. The wells they install are actually better than those installed using truck mounted wash rigs, jetting rigs or any other hand drilling method.